DISCOVER-AQ California (Jan 2013)


Roger Seco and Saewung Kim participated a NASA sponsored field campaign-DISCOVER AQ California phase. We conducted atmospheric VOC observations using PTR-ToF-MS at the Fresno Ground site (

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SOAS (June 2013 to July 2013)


Ian Wrangham, Roger Seco, and Saewung Kim deployed OH/HO2+RO2/H2SO4 CIMS, OH reactivity and NO2 CRDS analyzer to the SOAS field campaign ( in the ground site (Brent, Alabama). U.S. EPA funded our group for the research ( 

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GOAmazon (Green Ocean Amazon Jan 2014 to Oct 2014)

Roger Seco and Saewung Kim deployed OH/HO2+RO2/H2SO4 CIMS and PTR-ToF-MS to the Brazilian Amazon research site (T2) for the US-Brazil collaborative field campaign GoAmazon ( The campaign consists two intensive phases to characterize biosphere-pollution interactions from radical chemistry to regional climate change. The project is sponsored by DOE for three year including field observations and data analysis